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My Have We’ve Grown! New Hobby of Miniature Gardening Celebrates 21 Years

21 Years of making the world a little better, one miniature garden at a time! I guess if anyone is asking how long it takes to establish a new hobby, I think we have found the answer. While it's not everyday a new pastime emerges, you can still join us in spreading,...

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How to Find Your Best Friend

I had to laugh when I saw this almost-ancient article at my local model train store. It was taped on to the front of the cash register; I guess I missed seeing it during my many visits to the store. I've never considered myself a "hobby dealer" before but I guess I...

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Teaching Gardening In Miniature to the “Experts”

The custom fairy house from the Gardening in Miniature Prop Shop book makes a miniature garden a fairy garden. Simple. But the difference starts with the garden. It’s happened again. The garden industry is taking the easy way out and has got our hobby all wrong –...

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The Day the Earth Shook: The Nisqually Earthquake, 20 Years Later

The original Miniature Garden that lasted for 3 years before the container fell apart. The scene is 10 1/2" wide and was 1/6 scale. The Day the Earth Shook: the Nisqually Earthquake, 20 Years Later "You told me to call if I had any earth-shaking news." That was what I...

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A Brand New Miniature Garden Center Store!

It's a brand new Miniature Garden Center!! A Brand New Miniature Garden Center Store! Release the doves! Crack the champagne already! Send up the songs of gratitude! Call the press! GET THE CAKE!! It's a brand new Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center Store that is...

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Fake News is Infesting our Christmas Tree Traditions

A Miniature Christmas Garden from the Gardening in Miniature Prop Shop book. Click the picture to see our new Christmas Tree Dress Kit, our first Prop Shop Kit. The kit is the supplies needed, the instructions are in the Prop Shop book so you can make easily at home!...

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How to Make the World a Better Place: Vote With Your Wallet, Part II

How to Make the World a Better Place: Vote With Your Wallet, Part II I have written previously about using your wallet as your voice as to what products you want to see on the store shelves – and leaving the poorly made crap behind to show that, as a consumer, you...

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How to Identify an Expert on the Internet

Gardening in Miniature since 2001. “You can be anybody the Internet!” ~ We’ve talked about this before on a previous blog post, about how the Internet is growing all kinds of experts. I’ve worked online since 2004 and have witnessed a number of great people gradually...

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No Room for Miniature Gardening at the Big Northwest Flower and Garden Show?

A fairy garden made by the garden designer's daughter at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show No Room for Miniature Gardening at the Big Northwest Flower & Garden Show? ~ Well, a fairy garden made it into one of the big display gardens at the Northwest Flower and...

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Digging Deeper with America’s Favorite Miniature Garden Center,, Part 3

Day 24 :: Milestone - This one took some time to figure out because there were many milestones on this bumpy road. Like the first time the mighty USDA came to inspect our backyard because we ship miniature trees & plants out of State. Or how about the time a...

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Digging Deeper with America’s Favorite Miniature Garden Center,, Part 2

Digging Deeper withAmerica’s Favorite Miniature Garden Center,, Part 2 This was an Instagram challenge this past March called #MarchMeettheMaker and I found it was a great way to tell you more about what we do here at America’s favorite – and...

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Digging Deeper with America’s Favorite Miniature Garden Center, Part 1

Day 1. Brand Image. This has been our accidental avatar for years now because I took the shot for no reason but to document that brickwork. It was the perfect fit for social media becausestands out and it's a perfect way to show what we do here at...

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Back to the Future: Predicting The Miniature Garden Hobby

One of the first miniature gardens that we sold in 2001. The patio was made of sand and glass that would get messed up every time I watered it. This was before I invented our Mini Patio Mix Kit, now anyone can create a custom,permanent patio that won't wash away when...

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Miniature Gardening: Get Outside and Play

This is showing my age. Lol! Remember when you had to take multiple photos and tape them together to get everything in one shot? THAT'S how long I've been building this hobby - one garden at a time, one blog at a time, one miniature gardener at a time... "If you think...

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Miniature Gardening Across the Pond – and Back Again

So cool! We made into the April 28th edition Woman's World Magazine on page 6! Right next to Johnny Cash. Lol! Our mission is to make this hobby as well known as knitting - thank you Woman's World Magazine! Miniature gardening made it across the pond and back again...

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Miniature Gardening: It’s an International Affair

Loosely quoted, "With a touch of magic, your beautiful garden will spring from your dreams. A bench leaning against a tree or a small fountain hidden among giant flowers will create a peaceful space you can escape to anytime." Miniature Gardening: It's an...

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Miniature Garden Beginnings: Still Crazy After All These Years

The first group shot of Miniature Gardens by Two Green Thumbs, 2002 [From 19/11/2011] ~ In celebration of 10 years of miniature gardening, here is a visual trip back to the turn of the century. Did I make mistakes? - I made quite a few. Did I get weird looks when...

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Press Release: World’s smallest garden center celebrates huge miniature garden trend.

A Dwarf Hemlock 'Moon Frost' is delightful for the Miniature Garden FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 8, 2011 - The world’s smallest retail nursery, Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center, turns 10 years old this month and is leading the...

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If you build it, miniature gardeners will come.

If you build it, miniature gardeners will come... ... to play! We're taking the week to push the new workshop to completion! Steve has been working hard at building this space for months, now he has taken a week's vacation from his real job at Vespa...

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Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

As an enthusiast and expert in the field of miniature gardening, I've been involved in this delightful hobby for over two decades. My expertise stems from a deep passion for creating and nurturing miniature gardens, as well as actively engaging in the community of miniature gardeners. Throughout the years, I've witnessed the growth and evolution of this hobby, contributing to its development and sharing my knowledge with others through various platforms, including workshops, publications, and online resources.

My first-hand experience in miniature gardening has allowed me to explore and experiment with different techniques, plant selections, and design principles. From establishing miniature gardens to teaching others about this art form, I've been an active participant in the miniature gardening community, contributing to its longevity and widespread appeal.

Concepts Related to the Article

Miniature Gardening

Miniature gardening is a hobby that involves creating small-scale gardens with carefully selected plants, accessories, and design elements. It allows enthusiasts to express their creativity and design miniature landscapes that mimic the beauty of full-sized gardens.

Hobby and Pastime

The article discusses the emergence and growth of miniature gardening as a hobby and pastime, highlighting its appeal and the joy it brings to enthusiasts.

Gardening in Miniature Prop Shop

The mention of the "Gardening in Miniature Prop Shop" book indicates a resource for miniature gardeners, likely providing guidance on creating and accessorizing miniature gardens.

Earthquake and Miniature Garden

The article references the impact of an earthquake on a miniature garden, showcasing the resilience and unique challenges associated with maintaining miniature landscapes.

Miniature Garden Center

The establishment of a new miniature garden center emphasizes the growing popularity and demand for resources and supplies related to miniature gardening.

Christmas Tree Dress Kit

The article briefly mentions a Christmas Tree Dress Kit, indicating the extension of miniature gardening into holiday-themed creations and accessories.

Online Presence and Community

The mention of online platforms, Instagram challenges, and engagement with the miniature gardening community highlights the role of digital spaces in promoting and sharing the hobby.

Growth and Milestones

The article reflects on the growth and milestones of miniature gardening, showcasing its enduring appeal and continuous evolution over the years.

International Recognition

The international recognition and publication in Woman's World Magazine underscore the global reach and appeal of miniature gardening as a creative and enjoyable hobby.

Press Release and Anniversary

The press release and anniversary celebration of a miniature garden center reflect the significance of milestones and the impact of dedicated enthusiasts on the growth of the hobby.

Workshop and Community Engagement

The reference to workshops and community engagement demonstrates the active involvement of enthusiasts in sharing knowledge, fostering creativity, and building a vibrant miniature gardening community.

Overall, the article provides a comprehensive overview of the diverse aspects and experiences associated with miniature gardening, showcasing its enduring appeal and the passion of enthusiasts worldwide.

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