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Here's What Some of Our Customers Are Saying About Us!

At Backyard Vacation Oasis we value our customers and appreciate hearing from you. Please read through our customer testimonials on their experience here at Backyard Vacation Oasis.

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"From our initial consultation we found Howard Guidry to be an expert in design, pools, and construction. Our backyard slopes significantly, so BVO came up with a design to make our vision a reality. The construction crews were professional, polite, and did quality work. The pool turned out better than we had envisioned. Everyday I walk out into the backyard and can't believe how beautiful it is."

- Marcovitch Family

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"I can't tell you how happy I am with BVO -- not just with the pool they built, but the entire process working with them and their crews... They navigated bad weather, inspections and had my family swimming in six weeks."

- Blount Family

"We love our pool! Howard, Jade (Project Manager), and BVO were fantastic! They were on time and the price was excellent when compared to large companies that seem to only rip people off and take forever to complete. My pool was done from start to finish in 12 weeks, vs 6 - 12 months... if you want a gunite pool in a decent time, with quality and at a good price, go with Backyard Vacation Oasis!"

- Povolish Family

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"From our consultation with Howard until pool school with Jade, an overall wonderful experience. The entire crew kept in touch with us through the project ... we couldn't be any happier with our new pool ... THANK YOU to all involved along the way."

- Reilly Family

"Overall the experience was great for us. The pool was completed on time and the finished project was exactly as they showed on the renderings. Highly recommend this company after I have heard all the horror stories with other companies."

- Hollick Family

"They did what they said they were going to do... when they said they were going to do it. They executed this complex in-ground pool installation very professionally... you can't go wrong with this organization."

- Latimer Family

"We picked Backyard Vacation Oasis because of their attention to detail in providing a true estimate. The crews were all friendly and informative from digging, rebar, gunite, and plastering. Quality was in every step, they followed the timeline and completion was on time. I would recommend them whole heartily!"

- Westeren Family

"Our pool turned out to be everything that we hoped it would be! Howard and his team were extremely responsive and great to work with! If you are looking to build a pool, STOP and hire backyard vacation oasis!!"

- Land Family

"BVO designed the perfect pool for our yard and needs. They delivered a beautiful, high quality pool, as promised. Would recommend for your pool needs."

- Mason Family

"This company is AMAZING!!! 10000% recommend. From design, to dig day, to completion of the backyard vacation oasis, the team was professional, responsive, and talented! Our new pool way exceeded our expectations and we know it's because of the quality of work."

- Hakes Family

"The people at Backyard Vacation Oasis are all very kind, knowledgeable, professional, patient and very easy to work with. I would highly recommend them."

- Demshar Family

"Establishing a "Staycation" was so much easier than I ever expected. From the beginning of our first meeting with Howard, we realized that he knows his business. He answered all of our questions honestly and professionally. The craftmanship and quality of materials and installation is excellent. Howard was always on site supervising and dedicated to perfection, as well as being easy to work with. The job was completed on time and I could not be happier."

- Kelsey Family

"We just finished construction...; the process was easy, fast, and the team was professional. This was our first pool and Howard, Jade, and the team were so helpful! We finished in just nine short weeks! I would recommend them for those looking to build their own oasis."

- Munoz Family

"Backyard Vacation Oasis built us an amazing oasis for our desired Staycation. This family-owned business is amazing to work with and we are so happy to have had the opportunity for them to create such a masterpiece for us."

- Jackson Family

"Awesome job making sound recommendations on design. All of the contractors were diligent and did great work. Howard, Jade, and Alex and the team made this an enjoyable project and we are so happy with the final result. I highly recommend Backyard Vacation Oasis."

- Gallagher Family

"If quality customer service and overall good experience is what you are looking for, then Backyard Vacation Oasis is for you. They exemplify integrity, dependability, knowledge and a passion for what they do. I highly recommend them for creating your paradise."

- Hicks Family

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Testimonials | Backyard Vacation Oasis (5)

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Backyard Vacation Oasis (BVO)

Backyard Vacation Oasis is a company that specializes in designing and constructing pools and outdoor spaces. They value their customers and aim to provide a positive experience throughout the entire process, from consultation to completion. Customers have praised BVO for their expertise in design, pools, and construction, as well as the professionalism and quality of their work.

Design and Construction

BVO offers design services to help customers bring their vision of a backyard oasis to life. They work with customers to create a design that suits their needs and preferences. The construction crews at BVO are known for their professionalism, politeness, and quality work.

Pool Installation

Customers have expressed satisfaction with the pool installation process at BVO. Despite challenges such as bad weather and inspections, BVO managed to complete the pool construction within a reasonable timeframe. Some customers mentioned that their pool was finished in as little as six weeks, allowing them to start enjoying it sooner than expected.

Price and Timeliness

Customers have praised BVO for their competitive pricing compared to larger companies. They appreciate that BVO delivers quality work within a reasonable timeframe. Some customers mentioned that their pool was completed from start to finish in 12 weeks, which is significantly shorter than the 6-12 months they had heard from other companies.

Customer Service

BVO is known for its excellent customer service. Customers have mentioned that the entire BVO team, including Howard Guidry (owner), Jade (Project Manager), and Alex, were professional, responsive, and easy to work with. BVO keeps customers informed throughout the project and ensures their satisfaction. Customers appreciate the attention to detail and the dedication to perfection exhibited by the BVO team.


Customers highly recommend Backyard Vacation Oasis for pool construction. They emphasize the quality of work, attention to detail, and overall positive experience with the company. Customers believe that BVO exemplifies integrity, dependability, knowledge, and passion for what they do.

Please note that the information provided above is based on the testimonials in this article.

Testimonials | Backyard Vacation Oasis (2024)
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