Is it safe to travel to Mexico? Spring breakers on high-alert after kidnappings | LiveNOW from FOX (2024)


As spring break travel gets underway, U.S. authorities are warning against traveling to parts of Mexico after news came down that four Americans went missing in the country – leaving two dead.

The FBI office in San Antonio, Texas sounded the alarm, saying the Americans were fired upon, held at gunpoint, and appeared to be the victims of a kidnapping.

Two of four Americans abducted in Mexico are dead. The two others have been found alive, with one of them being hurt.

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To the United States., just yet now, concerns have been heightened amongst especially Spring Breakers.

So many Americans are couple of weeks.

to take their spring holidays.

And many of them are doing that in Mexico as well.

Let's talk about the Let's talk about the go out now, live there.

Look there.

in Houston, Texas.

that's, where we find Fox 26 reporter Natalie, He with the latest Natalie.

Thanks for being with us, who have you spoken to and are they concerned about this? Well.

We did catch up with some college kids here for many of the college's here in Houston area.

as well as spring break is happening next week.

And while many students may have originally planned to head across the Border us officials now strongly cancel your trips or reconsider traveling to Mexico.

all together.


You have any concerns traveling to Mexico right? Now?, No., no.

I would love Yeah, definitely go., Travel advisory for Emily.

Post, State remains at level, 4, level for warding.

The highest travel advisoryissued by the US state, department is now in effect in six Mexican States, including tamale Leaf has located just south of Brownsville first issued last year in reissued last Friday., The, same day for Americans were kidnapped in Matamoros.

had traveled from South Carolina for a cosmetic procedure level for travel advisory., which basically is equivalent to the Ukraine.

Just don't.

Go there., The issue, here, Is that if I'm traveling to Myanmar or Nepal, or the Middle East, I'm, probably advisory Spring Breakers.

in Brownsville Breakers in Brownsville aren't going to thinktwice about going to a bar in Madame Orr's because that's just and their neighbors University of st.

Thomas, Professor, Richard, sindelar formerly, worked at the state department for nearly twenty three years and spent a significant amount of Consul General in Monterrey Mexico, he's, urging Americans, particularly College, Spring Breakers to take the level for advisory considering going to Matamoros Is.

That? particular city is particularly dangerous?, because there are two cartels that are in.

What amount they are? Apparently two of the most vicious cartels in Mexico, so there.

Their first instinct is to kill you rather than deal with you, rather than will just kill you.

for those ignoring the advisory or going to cities with the level to increase caution, warning.

Sindelar suggest remaining surroundings., Miss, direct your path., if you're going from your hotel to the beach, for instance, in Cancun and is three blocks, away, Don't, go straight to the beach.

go left and then right? And then left.

And if that same guy in the red shirt is still following you., you may be a Target get inside and something building store nearby.


The state department says, anyone who does choose to travel to Mexico, expensive jewelry, that might attract, unwanted, attention., Andrew.You know.

It seems like the people that you spoke to don't seem.

You know, deterred by this at all the there.

heating, the guidance, or not, So I find that to be so interesting.

We'll just have to kind of wait and see.

Natalie, He.

Their life was in Houston.


So much., Thank, you., All, right in the meantime.

We do want to continue with this story.

Remember live.

Now look there over the Houston skyline.


Also want to get another angle to this as well from yet another.

border, state, that of course, is Arizona.

So from Texas to Arizona, What is this travelers., especially going on spring, break, as well from on, spring, break as well from Arizona.

We're going to be joined right now by Fox, ten news, reporter, Steve, Nielsen.

He is on this story as well.


Thanks so much for being with and are they concerned about this story?.

You know, I've actually spoken with a couple of people that aren't in Rocky Point Mexico, right now on vacation to get their thoughts, knowing that this has happened over the last few days.

and they're in Mexico right now.

It was an interesting perspective., Other, Spring Breakers, that might be headed down here over the next few weeks.

You know, if they're thinking of reconsidering, their travel plans for safety reasons.

Some travel agents, I was talking to said.

You know, safety reasons aren't away.

You can get out of travel insurance, to be be reimbursed for your Trip.

You'd have to have a coverage plan that can cover.

that can cover everything to be able to getSo, you're going to pay for the cost of that trip.

And it could have an impact here on summer.

Travel., At, Tara travel in Mesa, Christina, Ortega says, they only recommend clients go to a few spots in Mexico., Cabo, Puerto, Vallarta and Cancun.

We don't book, anywhere, else., She says, some clients have questions and concerns about travel in the news This week might affect summer travel plans for some.

But as long as they thinks they're, safe.

I would go there in a heartbeat., but we advise our clients to stay on the property.

They don't need to wander off.

If they do.


They should use a vetted supplier or a tour operator that that we know, you know, not just anyone.

This has been a rocky point been to remember, for George Murray Mills.

You have a view of the water.

Oh, yeah., It's, really nice.

for the spring break crowds.

And presumably lots of college students, Hit, the water, the Scottsdale resident walked on the stand.

They were on the beach.

all by ourselves.

It was like we had rented the whole place.

concerns about travel to Mexico of increased after the deaths of two Americans after they crossed into the country from Brownsville Texas.

George, Murray, says, She feels safe, though., It, Rocky, Point, sometimes even safer than she does.

We have a false sense of security.

in the Phoenix Metro area., George, Murray agreed with Christina.

It's about where you go.

I, love, France., There's places in Paris.

I wouldn't, go too., So, I think, it's, um, it's kind of a dangerous world.

Just have a be aware of your surroundings.

And, big picture, here, Andrew.

This affects, you know, a lot of people.

So many students from Arizona State, University university of Arizona, Grand, Canyon, University, Northern, Arizona, University.

They go to Rocky Point for their spring break.

This week next week, over the coming weeks, and Rocky Point tourism officials say they expect tens of thousands of college kids from Arizona visiting., All, right, Steve, Nielsen.

There live for us with this.

update about how this major story.


impacting some Spring Breakers.

travels or not.

We were just speaking to some of our reporters in Houston's.

Some you know.

Spring, Breakers, students.

They spoke with Steve.

undeterred by this.

Sometimes those State Department this.

Sometimes those State Departmentadvisories they're kind of like CDC, guidance.

It's, just suggested.I think that's exactly right.

There's there's.

A lot of people that choose to read that how they want to read that.

One travel agent.

I spoke with that her best advice your gut.


You don't feel safe.

If you read that guidance, you don't feel safe.

Don't, go., I think that's the best piece of advice, It's all about trusting, Steve.


So much., again., All, right.

in the meantime, let's, take a quick commercial break., We have a lot more stories left on this.

Is it safe to travel to Mexico? Spring breakers on high-alert after kidnappings | LiveNOW from FOX (2024)


Is Mexico safe to travel for spring break? ›

Crime, including violent crime, can occur anywhere in Mexico, including in popular tourist destinations. Travelers should maintain a high level of situational awareness, avoid areas where illicit activities occur, and promptly depart from potentially dangerous situations. ...

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We advise: Exercise a high degree of caution in Mexico overall due to high levels of violent crime. Higher levels apply in some areas.

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Crime: Crime, including violent crime, can occur anywhere in Mexico, including in popular tourist destinations. Travelers should maintain a high level of situational awareness, avoid areas where illicit activities occur, and promptly depart from potentially dangerous situations.

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Mexico is generally safe for American tourists if you take proper precautions, research the city you are traveling to, use common sense, and check the Mexico Travel Advisory before making plans.

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The best time to visit Mexico is during the dry season between December and April, when there is virtually no rain. The coolest months are between December and February, although temperatures can still reach averages of 82°F during the dry season.

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Given all relevant factors, the safest crossing is Laredo-Colombia Border Crossing, located on the Laredo-Colombia Solidarity International Bridge. Here are three factors that make it so safe: First of all, it has the fewest amount of traffic with only around 100,000 vehicles per year.

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Jun 18, 2023

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What are the 'do not travel' states in Mexico? The State Department's highest advisory is Level 4, or "Do Not Travel." It warns Americans not to travel to six Mexican states because of the risk of violent crime and kidnapping. The six states are Colima, Guerrero, Michoacan, Sinaloa, Tamaulipas and Zacatecas.

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