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There’s nothing like a backyard oasis to make you feel at home. Whether it’s a place to relax with family or an entertaining area where friends can gather, we’ve got tips and tricks to create a backyard oasis on your own property!

Plan Your Space

Planning is one of the most important steps in creating a backyard oasis. Planning will help you avoid mistakes, stay on budget and get the most out of your space.

Above all else, plan out how you want to use your new backyard space! Consider how much time you want to spend in this area of your home (and whether it should be more than just an area where kids play). It’s also important to decide what kind of activities would best suit this space—is it meant for entertaining friends? For relaxing with family? Or both?

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(pictured above) Cloud lounge chairs and matching Cloud ottomans invoke resort-level luxury at home

For example, if you’re hoping for some quality time with friends or family over cocktails or dinner in your new backyard garden, make sure there’s plenty of seating. On the other hand, if entertainment is not at the top of your list when it comes to creating an outdoor space for yourself and others then perhaps skip over those options entirely! You can always add them later if necessary but don’t forget that sometimes less is more when designing.

Design the Perfect Landscaping

Once you’ve got your plans in place, it’s time to start preparing the ground for your new backyard oasis. Make sure your landscaping is functional.

To begin, make sure that your landscaping will actually work for its intended purpose. Consider needs such as the following:

  • Is it going to be enjoyable for visitors?
  • Does it provide privacy?
  • Does it help create a sense of space and calm?

It’s important not only that you have plants in the right places, but also that they’re placed where they’ll get sufficient sun. Conversely, too much sun will dry out or burn or considerably damage plants before they flower or fruit properly.

Plotting pathways and access to various areas of the yard is also critical. Stepping stones or pavers help maintain aesthetics on lawns that become muddy with rain or turn brown from too much usage during Summers.

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(pictured above) The Mariposa dining table in charcoal and Mariposa dining chairs in olive create an al fresco oasis in this backyard.

Add Cozy Seating for Guests to Relax

Your backyard oasis should be a place where you and your guests can relax, unwind and enjoy the views. An area of space that’s just for lounging is essential.

Depending on the size of your yard, you may need to purchase additional furniture pieces or make arrangements with friends who have outdoor space available for guest seating. In addition to chairs, consider adding a fire table or chaise loungers for optimal relaxation.

Sectional furniture pieces enable the flexibility to arrange seating and layouts based on group sizes and space restrictions.

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(pictured above) With ten different seating components, the Ojai collection offers sublime comfort, exceptional style, and endless configuration options.

Build Out an Al Fresco Dining Space

Al fresco dining spaces make great additions to backyards, and offer many benefits. An outdoor dining table and chairs on the patio makes an ideal place to enjoy meals with friends and family.

There are several things you need to consider when building out an outdoor dining area. These considerations include where the table will go and how much shade will be provided by trees around it.

Don’t forget to consider seating requirements and group size as well. Similar to sectionals for outdoor lounging, extension tables offer versatility to expand when more guests are present or contract when you want more space.

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(pictured above) The Belvedere Extension Table in White Aluminum and Moraga Dining Chairs in Natural

Add Light & Shade to Complete Your Backyard Oasis

Lighting is an important part of any backyard oasis. It creates a sense of space, highlights features in the landscape, and extends use of outdoor spaces past sunset.

Patio umbrellas and shade structures help you keep cool while also providing protection from direct sunlight. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors—they’re perfect for creating a unique look for your outdoor living space!

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(pictured above) Belvedere lounge furniture in weathered teak and a market umbrella for optimal shade.

Creating a backyard oasis is fun and often easier to do than expected. The best part is that this is just the beginning!

There are so many other things you can do with your outdoor space as well. From adding water features to building an outdoor kitchen, the sky’s the limit when optimizing your patio space.

Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

As an expert in creating backyard oases, I have extensive knowledge and experience in transforming outdoor spaces into relaxing and inviting environments. I understand the importance of planning and designing a backyard oasis that suits your needs and preferences. With careful consideration of various concepts, such as space planning, landscaping, seating arrangements, al fresco dining, and lighting, you can create a backyard oasis that will make you feel right at home.

When it comes to planning your space, it is crucial to think about how you want to use your backyard. Determine if you want it to be a place for relaxation, entertaining friends, or both. This will help you decide on the appropriate seating arrangements and activities to incorporate into your oasis. Additionally, proper planning will help you avoid mistakes, stay within budget, and make the most out of your available space.

Designing the perfect landscaping is another essential aspect of creating a backyard oasis. Consider the functionality of your landscaping and how it will enhance the overall experience. Factors such as visitor enjoyment, privacy, and creating a sense of space and calm should be taken into account. Ensure that your plants are strategically placed to receive the right amount of sunlight, as too little or too much sun can affect their growth. Additionally, consider adding pathways or stepping stones to maintain aesthetics and accessibility, especially during rainy seasons or high usage periods.

For a truly relaxing and enjoyable backyard oasis, it is important to provide cozy seating for yourself and your guests. Create a dedicated lounging area with comfortable chairs, chaise loungers, or even a fire table for added ambiance. Sectional furniture pieces offer flexibility in arranging seating based on group sizes and space restrictions, allowing you to customize your oasis according to your needs.

An al fresco dining space is another great addition to any backyard oasis. Set up an outdoor dining table and chairs on your patio to enjoy meals with friends and family. Consider the placement of the table, the shade provided by surrounding trees, and the seating requirements for your guests. Extension tables can be a versatile option, expanding or contracting based on the number of guests or the need for more space.

To complete your backyard oasis, incorporate lighting and shade elements. Lighting adds ambiance, highlights landscape features, and extends the usability of your outdoor space after sunset. Patio umbrellas and shade structures not only provide protection from direct sunlight but also add a unique look to your outdoor living area. Get creative with different shapes, sizes, and colors to enhance the overall aesthetic of your oasis.

Creating a backyard oasis is a fun and rewarding experience. Remember, this is just the beginning, and there are endless possibilities to further optimize your outdoor space. Consider adding water features, an outdoor kitchen, or any other elements that align with your vision. Let your imagination soar and transform your backyard into a true oasis that brings joy and relaxation to your life.

How to Create the Backyard Oasis of Your Dreams | Terra Outdoor (2024)
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