BuIIies Don't Know That She Is A Kungfu Prodigy (2023)


Shanon, a 12-year-old student faces buIIies in a magical journey in both real and virtual worlds, and learns valuable lessons about strength and family along the way.

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Hi, Mystery, Recapped, here., Today, I.

Am going to explain a Chinese action.

Thriller film called “Kung Fu, Girl”., Watch out and take care! Shanon is a martial art student living in Hong.

Kong., Her, father, Danny runs a local restaurant during the day and develops games at night.


Mother passed away a few years ago while driving to an airport.

Since, her father refused to drive her that day, Shanon blames him for her mother’s death.

The relationship between the father and daughter hasn’t been the same ever since.

Shanon lives in her school’s dorm and hardly ever visits.


She has a rivalry with a guy from her class named Ricardo.

He and his group of friends bully her frequently.

One day.

The bullies are in Shanon’s father’s restaurant, complaining about the food, not being spicy enough.

Even after devouring, it all, they refuse to pay.

Shanon, retaliates against them and forces them to pay up.

A humiliated Ricardo, throws the money to the floor and walks away.

Shanon picks it up and hands it to her father, who is in a mascot costume.

She also apologizes to him for Ricardo’s rudeness.

The next day at school, Ricardo takes his revenge by making Shanon’s friend’s brother trip and drop his food.

Shanon’s friends, ask her to forget it.

But she doesn’t want to let them off the hook.

She sits with the group of bullies confidently and eats from their plates.

An intimidated, Ricardo leaves her alone and walks away with his friends.

Later, Shanon finds out that he destroyed her clothes in the dryer.

The group troubles, her every day, laughing when she messes up, making her fall several times, and adding frogs in her lunch, box.

A, local shop owner, hosts, fighting matches in front of his house.


Shanon is informed that Ricardo has defeated everyone.

He has fought against till now.

She takes the opportunity to challenge him in front of everyone.

She, even goes as far as to bet him to wear a skirt.

If he loses.

Ricardo, in turn, asks her to cut her hair and wear men’s clothes.

If he wins.

The fight starts and goes on for quite a while.


It is evident that Ricardo is way more skilled than Shanon.


He catches her off guard and punches her in the stomach.

The pain, almost causes Shanon to pass out.


The punch, she can hardly get up and is defeated in a single kick.

Ricardo laughs at her and hands.

Her a pair of scissors.

Accepting, her defeat, Shanon cuts, her hair.


Next day.

She goes to school with short hair and is made fun of by everyone.


She enters the class, Ricardo calls her a man, making her angrier than she already is.


He doesn’t stop calling her names.

She attacks him in the middle of the class.

They have to be separated by the teacher before a fight breaks.


Shanon is then taken to the principal’s office.

He calls Danny to tell him about his daughter’s, shenanigans.

Danny apologizes for the inconvenience, claiming that she is aggressive, because he hasn’t been a good father to her.

He also begs the principal to let her free.

This time., When Shanon goes to pick up lunch from the cafeteria that day, some girls block her.

They have also joined hands with Ricardo to trouble her around the school.

Shanon’s friend yells at everyone for supporting a bully, but they ignore her.

Not wanting to cause a scene, Shanon walks away without her lunch.

She reminisces about her mother.

Who was the reason she took interest in Kung, fu., While, most mothers, dressed their daughters in princess.

Dresses, Shanon’s.

Mother made her train from a very young age.

She believed that Kung fu needed girls like Shanon as much as Shanon needed.

Kung fu., That, night, Danny calls her and asks her to come home for the weekend.

Since she hasn’t been home in three months.

Shanon is reluctant.

But she agrees to visit him, anyway.


The call with his daughter, Danny also calls an investor and asks him to come over to test his new game.

He has created a virtual game where one has to fight in reality to win.

At, night, Shanon goes home and meets her father.

Danny tries to indulge her in a conversation.

But she is dismissive and rude.

When called out for being impolite.

She forces a laugh and ignores him.

Danny also asks her about her hair, but Shanon dismisses it.

And doesn’t tell him about being bullied.


He brings up the change in her behavior after her mother’s death.

She blames him for all of it.

Hurt by her words, Danny walks away., Moments later, Shanon goes to his home office and snoops around.


Notices a strange necklace on a table, but doesn’t think much of it.

She also finds a headset on his workstation and decides to wear it.

As soon as she puts it on.

She enters the virtual world of ancient China.

All of a sudden, a group of people attack her.

But she defends herself efficiently.

She also notices that her hair is back to being long.

Then, her eyes land on Ricardo, who is dressed in traditional Chinese clothing and is fighting the opponents.


Turns out that the people he is fighting are robbers trying to rob food from a farmer’s house.

Shanon is surprised that Ricardo is doing a good thing for once.


The leader of the group, Norman, comes forward to fight Ricardo.


He is proven to be weak against Ricardo’s expertise and is knocked out within minutes.


The thugs run away, Ricardo gives the farmers the sacks of grains that were taken away from them.

Shanon follows him and asks him how he got into the game.

She soon finds out that he is part of the game with a different name and an entirely different personality than Ricardo.


Also informs, her of the powerful robber brothers, Norman and Tyson.

They have gathered and trained an army to rob food and supplies from the poor.

Hence, Ricardo is protecting the people of his town with his life.

He is sure that since Norman was just defeated, his short-tempered brother Tyson will come to take revenge.

Somewhere else in the robber’s camp, Tyson is furious.

He sends some of his people to keep an eye on Ricardo, looking for the best time to strike.

The village.

Then, Shanon is shown around the village and introduced to the martial arts.


She meets her bully Daryl, who is one of the good guys in the virtual world.


School’s principal is the martial arts.


He assumes that she is with the robbers and makes his pupils surround, her.

On finding out that she is just an innocent foreigner.

He apologizes and sends her to her personal room for her stay in their village.

Shanon is also introduced to the leader of the village.

Suddenly, Ricardo gets sick and falls unconscious.

The group.

Rushes them to the village’s medic.



She is trained in martial arts and is a great warrior.


When Ricardo gets better, she and Shanon explore the village.

They come across an old shed and see a gruesome-looking person.


Aries explains that the man is her father who has been in the shed for a year.


Turns out that her father, Bao used to be a traveler who helped people and caught robbers everywhere.

He went.

However, after Aries’s, mother’s death.

He wished to stay isolated from the world and hasn’t come out of the shed.

Shanon stays in the village for the next few days and learns different martial art techniques from the village’s head.

She and Ricardo practice together and learn many things from each other.

Soon, the village runs out of food, because of the increase in robberies.

The head of the village reduces the daily three meals a day down to only two meals.

The workers.

And the civilians are distressed because soon, they might die of starvation.

Hence, at night, Shanon, Ricardo, Daryl, and Aries go to the robbers’ house to steal grains.

Daryl uses a tube and darts to make the guards unconscious.


They break into the storage room and get ready to pack.

Everything in.

However, the alarm, rings, alerting, everyone in the house of their arrival.

Aries comes in front of the enemies to save the others.

The rest of the group has to reluctantly run away without her.


Next morning, Shanon asks the village head to save Aries, but he refuses to do.

So because Aries was caught stealing which is against their rule.

Following that.

She goes to ask for help from Aries’s, father, Bao.

She tells him everything about her mother’s death and how she blamed her father for it.

Shanon says that her father couldn’t be nicer to her and admits that she was at fault for blaming him.

She is about to lose hope.

When Bao comes outside of the shed, determined to save his daughter.

The group attacks the robber’s base and fights the guard before rescuing Aries., The father and the daughter, reunite and decide to go on a trip like they used to., Shanon, wants them to stay until the robbers are fully gone.

But Bao claims.

He has faith that they can stop the robbers.

After Tyson finds out that his troops were attacked.

He gets ready to invade the village with his soldiers.

Knowing that he is about to do something like that, Shanon, Ricardo, and Daryl brainstorm ideas to stop him.

Shanon knows that there must be a way to defeat the enemy.

Since this is a game after all.


She remembers the necklace she saw on her father’s table that matched exactly to the necklace that a soldier was wearing.




Her father for the hint.

Hours later, Tyson along with his soldiers attacks the village.

The village head, and his pupils battle them with all their might.


The battle, Shanon notices the necklace and the man wearing it.

However, while trying to fight him.

She is killed and brought back to reality.

Shanon refuses to lose and wears the headset again.


Turns out that she has one more life left, which means she can continue the game from where she was earlier.

This time.

She beats the soldier and manages to get his necklace.

On opening.

The locket.

She finds her mother’s picture.


In, only a second, all of Tyson’s soldiers disappear because Shanon was able to figure out the clue.

When only Tyson is left.

They overpower him and win the battle.

Following that.

We see Shanon and Ricardo by the side of the river.

She tells him that she misses her father and asks him to send her home.

Ricardo promises to always remember her and sends her back to reality.

When Shanon is finally back.

It has only been a few hours since she started to play.


Turns out that Danny and a potential investor had been watching her play all this time.

Shanon hugs her father, apologizing for being rude to him.


Investor is so impressed with the game that he offers to invest ten million yuan in it.

Next week is a national-level Kung, fu, competition., Both, Shanon and Ricardo have taken part in the competition and have been selected in different divisions.

They have to win four rounds to reach the finals.


The day of the competition, Shanon looks around and is sad that her father is not present.


She does her best and wins easily against the real-life.


Similarly, Ricardo wins, the next few rounds and reaches the finals.

Shanon goes against a guy in the semi-final.

And after an intense match, she defeats him.


The rivals have to fight each other in the finals.


Audience, eagerly watches as they get ready to fight.

Ricardo strikes the first attack, but Shanon, dodges, it., Likewise, Ricardo, also, dodges, all of Shanon’s attacks.

The first round ends without any one of them getting a proper hit.

The referee blows the whistle, indicating the end of the round, but Ricardo plays foul and attacks Shanon.

Even after.

His score is deducted.

But he doesn’t back down.


The next round, they seem to match in skills and strength.

Suddenly, Shanon kicks Ricardo in the back and makes him fall.

An, enraged Ricardo breaks the rules again and hits her on the back of her knee.

Shanon is in pain, but she still gets up, ready for the next round.

This time.

He kicks her on the back of her head, breaking yet.

Another rule.

Shanon is almost knocked out, but then.

She sees her father in a crab costume, cheering for her from the audience.

With renewed, motivation.

She stands up to fight Ricardo.

She remembers the technique she had learned with the virtual Ricardo and uses it on him.

It works smoothly.

And she knocks him out to win the competition.

As, the crowd erupts in cheers.

She runs to her father and hugs him.


The last scene, she is back in school.

She makes amends with Ricardo who comments that she deserved to win the last match.

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