Best fountain pen 2023: add timeless style to your desk (2023)

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There’s nothing quite like using the best fountain pens to get your writing done. The whole experience is rewarding, from purchasing one and unpacking it, to using it for the first time. And, when you buy yourself a premium fountain pen, you should be able to get years of service, too.

Parker is one of the go-to brands when it comes to fountain pens, but there’s actually a thriving marketplace out there with numerous manufacturers to choose from. What that means is you can find a fountain pen that suits not only your taste but one that has an ergonomic design style to fit any kind of hand.

While the basic concept of a fountain pen might seem pretty straightforward, the models we’ve found below offer up lots of cool variations on the theme too. There are barrels made from a variety of materials and tip options can be tailored to suit your writing style but you’ll want to look out for specific design and build points as you shop.

A quality fountain pen makes a real style statement in the same way as a high-end watch does and, if you’re in the market for one, there’s never been a better time to buy. Here’s our pick of the best fountain pens.

  • How much should I spend on a fountain pen?
  • What should I look for when buying a fountain pen?

Best fountain pens you can buy

Why you can trust T3 Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

Best fountain pen 2023: add timeless style to your desk (1)

1. Caran D'ache Ecridor Retro Palladium-Coated Fountain Pen

Looks great, writes beautifully – an all-round winner

+ Handsome, unusual design

+ Writes beautifully

+ Palladium coating

- Grip can be a little slippery

What with how well they handle chocolate and cheese, we should’ve always left it up to the Swiss to make a thoroughly desirable and beautifully engineered fountain pen. Coated in palladium and engraved all over with an intricate guilloche design (that’s ‘braided’, for those who don’t belong to some kind of pattern-making guild), the Caran D'ache Ecridor Retro Palladium-Coated Fountain Pen is both tough, beautiful and comes with a lifetime international guarantee to back it up. But how does it write? We found that it writes as well as pens double its price, we love this pen's balance, weight, and smooth line.

Best fountain pen 2023: add timeless style to your desk (2)

2. Montblanc Le Grand 146 Fountain Pen

Superior handwriting with this super stylish fountain pen

+ High-end look & feel

+ Superbly made nib

+ Great brand

- You wouldn't want to lose it!

The Montblanc Le Grand 146Fountain Pen is an indulgence for sure, but its high price tag rewards you with a dreamy handwriting journey. Much of that revolves around the nib, which is a 14k gold and Rhodium combination in the medium format that delivers a precise ink-to-paper experience.Similarly, the body, though fashioned from more conventional black resin, feels nicely balanced and you can tell that this is a quality product. As you’d expect from Montblanc, the Le Grand 146Fountain Pen comes lavishly presented in a gift box while they also offer a dazzling array of different ink colours to compliment it.

Best fountain pen 2023: add timeless style to your desk (3)

3. Kingsman + Conway Stewart Churchill Fountain Pen

Fan service meets secret service in this dashing collaboration

+ Refined design

+ Well-weighted

+ Distinguished details

- Details will be lost on non-Kingsman fans

That you don’t even need to be a fan of the Kingsman films to appreciate the beauty of this pen says plenty about its design, but for die-hards, the little touches on this pen will be much appreciated. This collaboration with Conway Stewart, who provide the royal palaces and Number 10 with their writing instruments, features an iridium-tipped 18-carat gold nib and 9 carats elsewhere, including a cap band inscribed with Kingsman code ‘Oxfords not Brogues’, and is purported to be beautifully weighted for effortless and comfortable writing.

Best fountain pen 2023: add timeless style to your desk (4)

4. Waterman Fountain Pen

Classic fountain pen styling and a workmanlike delivery

+ Beefy design but well balanced

+ Good choice of different styles

+ Good for bigger hands

- Chunky

The Waterman Fountain Pen is a French-made classic fountain pen that packs the archetypal cigar shape that is so popular around the world and comes with a perfectly serviceable medium tip that we think makes it suitable for pretty much anyone. However, a fine nib variant is available for anyone wanting a more petite look on their paperwork.We like the way that Waterman has designed this model in a raft of different variants, so you can choose from a pretty conventional black and gold look or opt for one of the wilder designs. Deluxe Blue Obsession, for example, looks like a great alternative. This fountain pen arrives in a very nice presentation box too.

Best fountain pen 2023: add timeless style to your desk (5)

5. Parker Duofold Gold Trimmed Fountain Pen

Wonderfully weighted with an unmistakable distinction

+ Amazing handcrafted details

+ Well-weighted

+ Beautiful looking

- Huge cap

21 individual pieces go into making Parker’s Duofold pen, each one put together by hand to make some very handsome pocket candy indeed. This craftsmanship shines through in the design, sure – there’s no mistaking the Art Deco vibes of the gold trim, or the contrasting ace design on the partially-covered rhodium nib – but also in the way it handles. We found reviewers love the solid feel of the chunky barrel, and found it well weighted for writing; smooth and with just the right level of feedback.

Best fountain pen 2023: add timeless style to your desk (6)

6. Faber-Castell Pear Wood

For a bit of natural beauty in your pocket

+ Distinctive wooden barrel

+ Feels great to write with

+ Unique compared to traditional fountain pens

- A little tricky to unscrew nib

If you’ve grown tired of black and gold, this wood-cased fountain pen is set to shake things up a little. With just the right amount of bling courtesy of a mirror-finish cap, nib and collar, the bulk of the pen is given over to smooth pear wood with a beautiful natural grain that we think feels wonderful to write with. Coming with a cartridge/converter system, it gives the option for easier modern cartridges or use with an inkwell, and in both cases, reviewers were pleased to report a smooth writing experience.

Best fountain pen 2023: add timeless style to your desk (7)

7. Pilot Capless

A superb fountain pen for those with an eye for subtle details

+ Wonderful to hold and handle

+ Innovative edge to the design

+ 18kt gold!

- Too fine for some

The main highlight of this Pilot fountain pen is its glorious wooden barrel, which feels excellent in your hand as well as being nicely balanced. This one comes with a fine Rhodium-plated 18k gold nib. As a result, it’s better suited to those with a featherlight touch, but it’s not scratchy to use as some at this end of the nib spectrum tend to be.Originating from Japan means that it’s got an innovative edge too, with a mechanism that prevents the fountain pen from ever drying up – we think that's genius. The Pilot also comes in a special gift box along with a cartridge refill so that you can hit the paper running so to speak.

Best fountain pen 2023: add timeless style to your desk (8)

8. Parker Sonnet

What you write with it, and how it looks, is up to you

+ Loads of colour options; choice of nibs

+ Smooth writing action

+ Comfortable to hold

- Finger grip prone to rusting

As stationery geeks, we think every fountain pen is beautiful in its own way (don’t laugh), but sometimes the choices can seem a little… well, safe. Refreshingly, this Parker pen takes a little walk on the wild side, offering seemingly endless options for customisation, including a choice of medium or fine nibs, three nib materials, and over 15 colour, print and trim combos. Most importantly, its action is smooth as butter – what’s not to love?

Best fountain pen 2023: add timeless style to your desk (9)

9. Cross Century II

Lightweight, leak proof, and legendary

+ Lightweight

+ Super thing

+ Lifetime mechanical warranty

- Casing prone to fingerprints

Building on the success of the original Cross Century pen, the Century II beefs up the profile and adds a contrasting silver and gold colourway to create a new classic.What reviewers loved about the original is still here in full force, though. We commend the leak-proof design, immune to all kinds of bumps and jiggles in transit; the beautifully smooth writing action, and the longevity of the build, with one long-time user noting the impressive lack of wear on the gold plating.

Best fountain pen 2023: add timeless style to your desk (10)

10. Dryden Luxury Fountain Pen

Surprisingly upmarket budget fountain pen

+ Writes well using cartridges or liquid ink

+ Looks deceptively upmarket for the price

+ Affordable

- Too light for some

Want to make a style statement without spending the big bucks? The Dryden Luxury Fountain Pen ticks all of the boxes when it comes to delivering a great all-around real ink experience. However, it comes at a fraction of the price, which is why it has become a best seller. The design is classic, functional, and there’s a medium tip so it’s perfect as a gift or for anyone who doesn’t have a specific preference. The other bonus with this fountain pen is that it comes with an ink converter, which means that you can use it with both cartridges or liquid ink. In fact, as a complete package, we think this one is hard to beat at the lower end of the market.

Best fountain pen 2023: add timeless style to your desk (11)

11. Ted Baker 24k Fountain Pen

Beautifully blingy, this rose gold fountain pen brings joy to all jots

+ Looks fantastic

+ Even ink flow

+ Stylish

- Presentation box isn’t the best

A bit of a departure from our previous pick, this pen is unashamedly showy, but that’s certainly no bad thing. Plated in 24-carat gold, it backs up its ultra-luxurious look with what reviewers report to be a well-balanced, even writing experience with great flow and no blotchy nightmares from the iridium nib. But if we’re being totally honest with ourselves, the writing is just a bonus: here it’s all about the look, and in mirror-finish ultra-trendy rose gold, it’s a very good look indeed.

How to choose a fountain pen

Keep an eye on weight and dimensions when you’re searching for a fountain pen. Next up, choose the pointy bit – the nib – to match your writing style. There are super fine nibs that range from XF through to broader options right up to 2B. The former is a good bet for finer, small handwriting while the latter is suitable for a more flamboyant style.

Nibs also come in a range of different materials, depending on the cost of the pen, how long you want it to last and your own personal preference. You’ll also want to consider refills and how much they might cost you over time. Nevertheless, a good quality fountain pen is still a cost-effective option as it’ll last you a lot longer than a whole pile of plastic ballpoints.

How we test the best fountain pens

All of our tests are done in a real-world environment – not in a lab. This means we are using the best fountain pens in the same way as you would and can give you the feedback that matters to you, not just a series of numbers.

In each review, we look at how the pen sits among its competition, how it compares to other models, as well as how much it justifies its price tag. In addition to providing an honest verdict to help you choose if it's right for you.

For more information on fountain pens, you can read our guide on how much should I spend on a fountain pen? and what should I look for when buying a fountain pen?




What is the smoothest fountain pen ever? ›

Pelikan M205

Pelikan nibs are some of the smoothest and most consistent that fountain pen writers can use. There is a noticeable flex to an M205 nibs compared to standard steel nibs that makes the writing experience easier on the hands and more enjoyable overall.

What is the highest quality fountain pen? ›

Best Overall - The LAMY Safari

The LAMY Safari is a winner in every category. It's well-known in the fountain pen community for being a great beginner pen that's also very functional and reliable, making it perfect for beginner fountain pen collectors and students.

Which is the No 1 pen in the world? ›

1. Parker Pen Company. The French-origin Parker Pen Company is one of the best fountain pen brands in the world in 2022 with a product presence in 120 countries. The pen brand has created a perfect pen line in different shapes and styles like Parker Jotter, Parker 51 and Parker Jotter Ballpoint.

What is the smoothest pen in the world? ›

In fact, one user said the uni-ball Air Porous Point Pen is actually the “smoothest pen in the world,” without hesitation.

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