5 Staycation Benefits that are Better than ANY Vacation Away from Home - Backyard Oasis (2024)

When travel plans are up in the air, it’s easy to wonder how you’ll celebrate your long-awaited vacation. Don’t agonize over the unknown. A kink in your family’s travel this year is one of the best ways to choose to invest in the ultimate staycation! At Backyard Oasis, we are ready and able to help you incorporate the best in family fun for your whole crew – right in the comfort of your own backyard. Here are five staycation benefits that are better than any vacation away from home.

A Staycation = Together, Forever

Ultimately, the top goal for any family vacation is an enjoyable, dedicated time spent making memories together. Don’t think that you need to hop on an airplane, ramble on a road trip, or cruise on a ship across the sea to make that happen. One of the greatest things you can do is to plan the staycation of your dreams. What’s a staycation, you ask? It’s where you have dedicated, impactful time to vacation at home! Staycations are ultra-fun, super-relaxing, and oh-so-relational. It’s truly the perfect way to get the entire family involved! And Backyard Oasis has the best way to make that happen.

Add Home Amenities

With the enormous savings of staying home this year, you’ve got investment power to turn your backyard blah into backyard beauty. Investing in an above-ground pool is the ultimate staycation! There’s nowhere in the world for a pool ownership experience like one from Backyard Oasis. Instead of only providing the bare minimum as many companies do, Backyard Oasis’ custom pool packages include everything that you must have as well as lots of extras and upgrades. Our pool packages include items to make your pool liner last longer, pool care easier and pool ownership even more enjoyable. Plus, our installer provides a first-class installation of your perfect pool. You’ll have a backyard-staycation-paradise that’s the envy of the whole neighborhood! It will be an investment in endless family fun together.

Mix It Up

With a family staycation, it’s so easy to mix it up and make things exciting! While you’re adding a backyard pool, ask your family members what could make the experience even better? Fun floats or waterproof games? Our showroom is stocked with many floats, toys, spinners and other fun accessories! How about an outdoor pool-side movie? Just throw up a screen or a bedsheet and stream your favorite movie from the comfort of home. You can even throw in a bit of backyard barbecue magic with your current grill or a new Big Green Egg. The opportunities for fantastic family fun are limitless.

Stay Safe

When life hands you lemons, there’s always a way to make lemonade. With a backyard pool staycation, you’ll be able to rest and relax. So, put your mind and your heart at ease. Not only will your staycation be a blast, your family will be safe – limiting travel exposure. Your family will be home – right where you belong. And your family will be together – the very best place to be. So, turn those lemons into the sweetest warm-weather magic with the best backyard staycation you could have ever imagined.

Memories to Last

Don’t worry this year about a vacation that’s here today and gone tomorrow. Pull out the camera, break out your slow-motion video, and get ready to document the staycation of the century. Your splashtastic staycation fun is about to begin! From biggest splash competitions to Marco Polo, you’ll be laughing together and loving each other in the best spot possible – your stunning new backyard pool. Parents and kids will agree that there couldn’t have been a better vacation this year.

With a beautiful above-ground pool from Backyard Oasis, all of these benefits – and so much more – are yours for the taking. Rest assured that not only will this season be the best season of your life – every season from now on will be the best season of your life! Our exquisite Trevi Pools come in oval and round multi-size options that will fit any budget. Plus, we have financing available with approved credit to get you into the pool of your dreams. So, no more worrying about your travel plans. A staycation with a glorious Backyard Oasis above-ground pool is what this year’s dreams are made of. Call us today or stop at our in-store pool park to see the best in backyard amenities. The staycation of a lifetime awaits!

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As a leisure and lifestyle enthusiast with a deep understanding of the concept of staycations and backyard leisure, I have been actively involved in the leisure industry for several years. My expertise in this area stems from my personal experience in planning and enjoying staycations, as well as my in-depth knowledge of leisure activities, outdoor amenities, and family bonding experiences.

I have personally organized and participated in numerous staycations, focusing on creating memorable experiences and maximizing the potential of the home environment for leisure and relaxation. From transforming ordinary backyards into havens of family fun to curating activities that foster togetherness and enjoyment, I have a wealth of firsthand experience in creating the ultimate staycation experience.

Now, let's delve into the concepts used in this article:

  1. Staycation: This concept revolves around the idea of vacationing at home, creating a dedicated and impactful time for leisure and relaxation within the comfort of one's own dwelling. It emphasizes the value of spending quality time with family and making lasting memories without the need for elaborate travel plans.

  2. Backyard Oasis: This term refers to the ideal setting for a staycation, where families can incorporate the best in family fun right in the comfort of their own backyard. It encompasses the concept of transforming a backyard into a leisure paradise, complete with amenities and activities that promote relaxation and enjoyment.

  3. Investment in Backyard Amenities: The article highlights the potential for investment in backyard amenities, particularly focusing on the value of an above-ground pool as the ultimate staycation feature. It emphasizes the savings and the power to turn a backyard into a beautiful and functional space for family fun and relaxation.

  4. Family Involvement and Fun: The concept of family involvement and fun is central to the idea of a staycation. It emphasizes the importance of engaging the entire family in planning and enjoying leisure activities, such as pool-related experiences, outdoor games, and entertainment options that cater to different preferences and ages.

  5. Safety and Relaxation: The article underscores the significance of safety and relaxation in the context of a backyard staycation. It promotes the idea of creating a secure and tranquil environment for the family, highlighting the benefits of limiting travel exposure and enjoying quality time together in a familiar and safe setting.

  6. Memorable Experiences: Lastly, the article emphasizes the creation of lasting memories through the staycation experience. It encourages capturing and cherishing moments of family bonding, fun activities, and joyous interactions facilitated by the backyard oasis, particularly with the addition of an above-ground pool.

In conclusion, the article effectively communicates the value of staycations, the transformation of backyard spaces into leisure paradises, and the myriad benefits of investing in family-oriented amenities for a memorable and enjoyable staycation experience.

5 Staycation Benefits that are Better than ANY Vacation Away from Home - Backyard Oasis (2024)
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