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These days, we’re spending more time than ever at home. Whether you work remotely, or simply have grown to appreciate the comfort of spending time at your house, upgrading your outdoor space to make it more relaxing and enjoyable can have major rewards. Here are four ways to design a backyard oasis that you and your whole family can enjoy.

Our expert exterior designers have deep experience with helping homeowners envision their property’s potential. Whether you’re looking for a backyard oasis, a new front porch or portico, or want to see your home in a fresh paint color, we’ll give you the confidence you need to get your project kicked off. Learn more about what we do.
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#1 // Install a Pool That Fits Your Budget

If you want to make your home feel more like a getaway, adding a pool is an option that many people consider. In-ground swimming pools are often thought of as the most desirable option. However, while they can be great, their price point may be off-putting. The average cost of in-ground pool installation is around $50,000. This may vary by the size, shape, depth, and materials used when building your pool, but it’s important to know that this option can be a major financial investment.

If you’d like the fun and relaxation of a pool without breaking the bank, there are some options you can consider. Here are a few ideas:

  • Hot tubs: Hot tubs are a great choice if you’d like to be able to unwind in the water. The heat and jet features have the added benefit of being therapeutic for joint pain.
  • Above-ground pools: Though some might not see an above-ground pool as attractive, these days there are many luxurious options available for you to choose from.
  • DIY pools: A creative and sustainable choice in which you use a pre-existing container to design and create your own pool. Stock tank pools, in particular, are an on-trend choice.
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Whether you want an easy to install pool or have a vision of a major renovation, adding a place to swim will help you enjoy your time at home as much as possible.

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#2 // Upgrade the Color Scheme of Your Home

While it’s common for homeowners to prioritize curb appeal, upgrading the rear facing side of your home can have a huge impact on the beauty and aesthetic of your backyard. Not only will this make it the most share-able location for photos when you entertain, it’ll give you a feeling of luxury when you are hanging out at home. Understanding how colors affect your moods is key to selecting a palette that reflects peace and calm. Green is the color most associated with improving mental health, while white is associated with cleanliness, and blue with calm. Making your yard feel peaceful will increase your time spent relaxing there.

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#3 // Build the Deck of Your Dreams

Adding a deck to your backyard not only adds space to entertain, but to relax and enjoy. You might consider a first-floor deck, which can be advantageous for several reasons. One is that there is less of a safety concern of someone falling over the edge, and if it’s close enough to the ground you may not have to worry about adding a railing at all. Another benefit is that if you have a pool, you can build a deck that connects to it.

On the other hand, a second-floor deck (or balcony) can help make the most of the view of your neighborhood, and it also leaves more ground space available. Wherever you live, a covered patio can offer protection from sun and rain. Building a deck that suits your lifestyle and needs can help you relax outside for as much of the year as possible.

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#4 // Create an Outdoor Sanctuary

Whether you want to call it a she-shed, a man cave, a ‘shoffice‘ (shed office), or simply a studio, using your yard to build a designated space just for you can be a great way to find escape from day-to-day life. It can also be a wonderful place to work without distraction if you work from home. It is important to consider that, depending on your planned use, this space could require furnishing, insulation, heating and/or cooling, internet access, and a power source.

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If you are considering adding another functional space to your property, planning your energy usage is essential. A rising trend in the United States is using home solar panels. Because there are tax incentives for renewable energy, this may help to offset the cost of your increased energy usage. Plus, they will reduce your long-term environmental impact.

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Your Backyard Oasis Awaits!

When your backyard is a haven from the pressures of your life, you can relax without leaving your house. Investing in a beautifully designed home is a reward that you can enjoy every day. And our expert designers are ready to help you make your dreams a reality. Get started today!

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As an expert in exterior design and landscaping, I have spent years helping homeowners transform their outdoor spaces into beautiful and relaxing retreats. I understand the importance of creating a backyard oasis that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property but also provides a space where you and your family can unwind and enjoy. In this article, I will discuss four key concepts related to designing a backyard oasis: installing a pool, upgrading the color scheme of your home, building a deck, and creating an outdoor sanctuary.

1 // Install a Pool That Fits Your Budget

If you're looking to turn your home into a getaway, adding a pool is a popular option. While in-ground swimming pools are often seen as the most desirable choice, they can come with a hefty price tag. The average cost of installing an in-ground pool is around $50,000, which can vary based on factors such as size, shape, depth, and materials used. However, there are alternatives that can provide the same fun and relaxation without breaking the bank. Consider options like hot tubs, above-ground pools, or even DIY pools using pre-existing containers like stock tanks. These options offer affordability, convenience, and can still provide a refreshing experience in your backyard.

2 // Upgrade the Color Scheme of Your Home

While curb appeal is important, don't forget to enhance the beauty of the rear-facing side of your home, which directly impacts the aesthetic of your backyard. Choosing the right color scheme can make a significant difference in creating a peaceful and calming environment. Colors like green, white, and blue are associated with mental health, cleanliness, and calmness, respectively. By incorporating these colors into your backyard, you can create a serene atmosphere that encourages relaxation and enjoyment.

3 // Build the Deck of Your Dreams

Adding a deck to your backyard not only expands your entertaining space but also provides an area to relax and unwind. When considering deck options, think about whether a first-floor or second-floor deck suits your needs best. A first-floor deck offers safety advantages and can be easily connected to a pool, while a second-floor deck provides a better view and preserves more ground space. Additionally, consider the benefits of a covered patio, which offers protection from the elements and allows you to enjoy your outdoor space year-round.

4 // Create an Outdoor Sanctuary

Building a designated space in your yard, whether it's a she-shed, a man cave, or a shed office, can provide a much-needed escape from daily life. This space can be utilized as a personal retreat or a distraction-free workspace for those who work from home. Depending on your planned use, you may need to consider factors such as furnishing, insulation, heating/cooling, internet access, and power sources. It's also worth exploring the use of home solar panels, as they can help offset the increased energy usage and reduce your long-term environmental impact.

By incorporating these four concepts into your backyard design, you can create a haven that allows you to relax and enjoy your time at home to the fullest. Our team of expert designers is ready to help you bring your dreams to life. Don't wait any longer – start creating your backyard oasis today! Subscribe to our newsletter for more insightful content on home improvement and design.

4 Ideas for Creating a Backyard Oasis | brick&batten (2024)
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